6 Common Marketing Mistakes

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Many companies often want to push ideas that may seem good in theory but are actually poor marketing practices. Here are 6 common digital marketing mistakes! These insights are inspired by the LinkedIn posts of Jay Grandmont.

1. Trying to Do Everything

Having a clear strategic plan is crucial, and it involves avoiding the urge to do everything and be everywhere. Your marketing efforts should be deployed in the right place at the right time based on your industry and goals. Also, not every marketing strategy will work for your field.

2. Having Followers, but No Engagement

Your followers are just a number, but how many of them are truly engaged with your company? It’s those engaged individuals who matter. If you have 3 million followers but only 20 of them are genuinely engaged with your company, the 3 million followers hold little value. Building an online community is what’s important.
You need to provide them with value-added content that reflects your company’s values, interact with them, and avoid bombarding them with aggressive sales marketing messages.

3. Lack of Consistency in Your Efforts

For digital marketing to work, consistency is key. Impatience won’t serve you well; results come over the long term.
Consistency is arguably the most essential quality in marketing. It helps foster loyalty, increase your brand awareness, and yield lasting results over time.

4. Google Ads Don’t Work for All Businesses

Yes, that’s right—Google Ads don’t work for all types of businesses; testing is crucial to find out.
Certain products and especially services in specific fields may not have enough monthly searches on Google to provide exceptional results. Therefore, testing is essential, and your strategy needs to adapt accordingly.

5. Aesthetic Appeal Isn’t Everything

Having an appealing website and social media presence is important, but keywords and messaging are just as vital—if not more so. If you’re not doing SEO and your content doesn’t capture your prospects’ attention, you won’t achieve optimal results.

6. Failing to Optimize Your Google Ads

Once your Google Ads campaigns are live, you shouldn’t let them run without any adjustments. It’s crucial to regularly review your account, identify and eliminate irrelevant search terms to avoid spending money on showing your ad to people who aren’t looking for the products/services you offer.
You should also analyze your results to fine-tune your campaigns and make them increasingly relevant.

In Summary

In digital marketing, having a clear strategic plan based on your industry is essential to ensure meaningful results. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need assistance in setting up your strategy.

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