Why is LinkedIn particularly beneficial for marketing activities?

With over 900 million users worldwide (LinkedIn Ads Blog, 2023), LinkedIn is a social media platform that can seamlessly integrate into your social media plan as part of your marketing strategy. In this article, discover what LinkedIn can bring to your B2B social network strategy. A Present and Engaged Community Unlike other social media platforms, […]

Designer web et graphique

agence web

Nous sommes à la recherche d’un(e) graphiste et designer web qui travaillera avec les membres de l’équipe pour concevoir des concepts visuels innovants et développer des interfaces web qui se distinguent de la concurrence.

5 Google Shopping Strategies You Should Use

google shopping

Want to integrate Google Shopping campaigns into your advertising strategies? Here are 5 Google Shopping strategies you should use for a successful presence on this platform! Google Shopping According to HubSpot, the definition of Google Shopping is as follows: “Google Shopping ads are pay-per-click search engine ads that appear as a carousel of product images. […]

The Instagram Algorithm Explained

instagram algorithm

We have not finished discovering the secrets of Instagram. A few weeks ago, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of the application, published an article explaining the Instagram algorithm, both for stories and REELS, with the goal of helping creators understand how their content can be disseminated to a wide audience. Here’s what we have learned!   […]

Should I Create a Website For My Company?

create a website

Do you offer services or do you have products for sale? It’s essential to create a website for your company. Our first instinct is to search on the Internet, and if we can’t find your company, you lose visibility and credibility. The importance of a website is undeniable! Visibility When you own a business, it’s […]