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With a dedicated Facebook advertising agency, highly accurate targeting, and 1.82 billion active users every day, using Facebook advertising for business has become a must. Learn more and test with Facebook ad management experts.

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We ❤️ the success of our customers.

Develop a Facebook advertising strategy based on your goal and budget

Develop a Facebook advertising strategy based on your goal and budget

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Get more interaction with your target audiences
  • Get people to take an action

More Effective Campaigns

Our agency follows the “Power 5” recommendations of Facebook. These are five strategies recommended by Facebook in order to obtain better performance on your campaigns. In a few words, this tactic consists of simplifying campaigns as much as possible and automating certain functions related to campaign management such as budget and audience. The direct consequence of this method of operation is a reduction in your acquisition costs, higher conversion volumes and a higher return on investment. 

Choose Specific Goals

Your ads will be more effective with clear and measurable objectives. Our Facebook advertising agency will guide you in the choice of your objectives of notoriety, interest or conversion. These objectives will help you to specify the aspirations of your advertising campaigns.

Benefit From A Quasi Surgical Targeting

With our Facebook advertising agency, all campaigns are made according to your business needs. All your Facebook ads will be optimized to be relevant to your target audience and we will measure the conversion rate of your campaigns to optimize it and/or know what is working or not for your business.

Take Advantage Of Facebook Advertising In All Available Formats

Our Facebook advertising campaigns can be used in both mobile (tablet and smartphone) and computer versions. We will choose what would be the most useful for your business according to your targets (personas) and your objectives. Your ad can appear in many places including the Facebook and Instagram news feeds, messaging, Facebook Marketplace…

Get Real-Time Analysis Of Results With Our Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook offers many tools that allow Falia’s experts to measure and improve the impact of your ads in real time. This way, we can make better decisions very quickly. Everything is analyzed in order to offer you the best.

Establish The Most Appropriate Budget With The Help Of Our Facebook Advertising Experts

Depending on your needs, we will propose the most suitable advertising budget. We work with your advertising budget with care as if it were our own. We always work according to your objectives so that your expectations are met.

Are you self-taught? We offer customized Facebook training

For more information, do not hesitate to contact a Falia expert. If you wish to manage your own Facebook ads, our agency Falia can also offer you a training on the essential notions of the Facebook/Instagram advertising platform.

Why Entrust The Creation Of Your Facebook Ads To Our Agency Falia?

Our customized WordPress training and coaching programs allow you to manage your website like a professional.

A customized strategy developed in direct collaboration with the client. You will have a privileged contact with one of our account managers.
A curiosity about digital trends. We are always on the lookout for the latest updates to the Facebook algorithm and apply the methods recommended by Facebook to offer you an impeccable service.
Flexibility at all times. Our agency will be reactive if you wish to stop an ad, increase the budget or change the targeting of your ad.
No hard contracts to break. We only seek to retain our clients by providing excellent service and delivering measurable results every month.
Transparency on the whole project. Thanks to the use of a project management platform, you will be aware of every step we take.