Google Ads

Our Google Ads agency allows you to create ads on Google with a real return on investment. Google Ads provide immediate results. Your ad can be seen on Google when your future customers are looking for services and products like yours. Increase your conversions with an advertising strategy that respects your needs and is designed according to your goals.

We ❤️ the success of our customers.

Develop A Google Ads Strategy According To Your Business Needs

Develop A Google Ads Strategy According To Your Business Needs

  • Increase sales on your website
  • Generate more sales calls
  • Get more customers in your store

Advertise When People Are Looking For Products And Services Like Yours

Our Google Ads agency conducts keyword and audience research so that people interested in a product or service like yours are redirected to your site. An advertisement displayed at the right time to the right audience on Google has a good chance of turning your visitors into customers. This works as well on computer, tablet and mobile!

Benefit From Results According To Your Expectations

With our Google Ads agency, get more qualified visits to your website and have a higher conversion rate. You can also receive more calls, thanks to the appearance of your phone number directly in the ad.

Set A Budget Based On Your Needs

Whether it is a large or small amount, all budgets are accepted with Google Ads. Give us your budget and let us propose you an efficient formula. Your budget can be adjusted, up or down, at any time. You will not be constrained by a fixed expense for each ad. 

Run Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting allows you to boost your sales, increase the number of registrations or increase awareness of your company. With retargeting you can target an audience that has already interacted with your company. You can also broadcast your ads in specific situations (to people who have abandoned their shopping cart for example). Obviously these ads are called “responsive”, they are therefore adapted for all devices (mobile, computers, tablets).

At Falia, we understand
your business issues, not just Google Ads.

We understand that having a good “CTR” is not the only issue for your business! We will not propose a Google Ads strategy that will make you look bad with the sole objective of obtaining good statistics. Of course, we like to present nice statistics in our clients’ Google Ads accounts, but we prefer to generate leads and sales.

Our web marketing agency offers innovative approaches to B2B, B2C and eCommerce digital marketing.

We provide you with exceptional technologies and resources to make your business excel on the web.


What Our Clients Say

"We entrusted Falia with the redesign of our website and an SEO mandate in order to position ourselves in the first position or in the top 3 on popular keywords in the US, Canada, Australia, France and elsewhere in the world. Our WordPress website is effective in that it generates application downloads in and "leads" for our SaaS dedicated to large enterprises in a niche market."
Paul Koufalis
President, White Star Software
"We have been using Falia's B2B managed digital marketing services for the past 6 years. We have access to the latest in web marketing technology as well as cutting edge expertise in SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, marketing automation, data science and more. Clearly, our investments in digital marketing are generating growth for our organization."
Marie-Ève Ducharme
Director of Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations, MS Solutions
"Falia has built 2 Shopify stores for my businesses and has been managing them entirely since they went live. Falia handles Facebook and Instagram advertising, email marketing and automations, she handles social media management and even some of our customer service. I love having access to my own team at Falia to launch new campaigns easily every week."
Sébastien Abrieu
Entrepreneur, and KOLL

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