The Instagram Algorithm Explained

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instagram algorithm
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We have not finished discovering the secrets of Instagram. A few weeks ago, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of the application, published an article explaining the Instagram algorithm, both for stories and REELS, with the goal of helping creators understand how their content can be disseminated to a wide audience. Here’s what we have learned!


The Algorithm

On Instagram, each part of the application, including posts, stories, explore and search sections, Reels, etc., uses its own algorithm tailored to how people use them. Subscribers tend to watch the Stories of their closest friends, use Explore to discover new content and creators, and watch Reels for entertainment.

The Feed

The algorithm of the feed is personalized to help you follow your friends, family, and your interests. It’s a blend of content from accounts you follow, content recommended by accounts that the algorithm believes you will like based on your interests, and advertisements.

Regarding their position in your feed, the most recent posts from people you follow will be prioritized, as well as posts from accounts you haven’t followed yet but might be interested in. This content is determined by factors such as accounts you have recently followed, liked, or engaged with.


They are also designed to help you discover new content and be entertained. Just like the Explore page, the majority of the content you see comes from accounts you don’t follow.

Creating Content on Instagram

Instagram’s algorithms change over time to help you discover more accounts you’re not subscribed to, especially with REELS and the Explore section.

Instagram announced this year that they will even further recommend posts from accounts the user is not subscribed to. Currently, they are at 15% of recommendations and will reach 30% this year.

To create rich and engaging content, highlight your REELS, write a description that’s not too long, between 1 and 50 characters, add relevant hashtags (on average 5), mention partner accounts or influencers if relevant, and add your location!

In Summary

Instagram has complex algorithms, but the CEO of the application wants to help creators understand them, and he wants to promote content from lesser-known creators. However, to achieve this, you must produce engaging content. Contact our team of experts if you have more questions.

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