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Maile Ohye,

Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google

About our SEO Services

We only follow Google’s best practices. Ultimately, our SEO services generate leads and sales for your business. Our experts allow specific pages of your website to rank higher in the search results from Google and other search engines.

What to expect from our SEO services?

4 to 12 months before to get significant results

Clear and well-documented recommendations

A  good understanding of your ideal clients, your business objectives, and your competitors.

A clear focus on conversion

Awesome references from current customers

Complete and affordable technical and search audit

A clear action plan with predefined monthly budget

Clear and simple reporting with measurable objectives

Comprehensive Monthly Plans

We offer SEO monthly plans that cover everything you need to get great results on search engines. All our SEO plans include technical improvements of your existing website, content optimization, copywriting, and social media management.

Clear and simple reporting

Falia gives you a complete picture of your website rankings weekly. We track your results across a huge range of search engines, including local rank tracking on 187 Google sites, 35 Yahoo! Sites, 32 Bing sites, YouTube and all Amazon Local sites. We give you a comprehensive monthly activity report on what we do for you. With Falia, deliverables are always clear!

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