We manage your Landing Pages

with Active Campaign.

We build Responsive Landing pages that trigger automations and send email campaigns

We track and improve

top performing pages

We keep an eye on the conversion rates for your landing pages through Active Campaign, try out alternatives and keep the best. your dedicated team at Falia improves your conversion rates and the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

Generate leads with landing pages and automate follow up email campaigns.

Landing pages and conversion forms are the key tools every marketer needs to turn a website visitor into a lead. But what happens once your visitor has converted? Active Campaign combines landing page software with email marketing and marketing automations to allow you to nurture your leads over time. All in the same place.


The leads generated are saved into an onboard CRM that tracks all activity to give you a deep understanding of each and every lead generated.

Trigger marketing automations.

Use marketing automations to follow up with email autoresponder campaigns and send notifications to your sales team, add tags for future contact segmentation, whatever you need.


Combining website analytics, email marketing and a contact management system, Active Campaign converts leads with landing pages, then helps you to manage your leads over time, moving them through lifecycle stages to sales readiness.

Landing page software that nurtures and tracks your leads.

Landing pages are crucial to your lead generation, but they are only part of the process when it comes to getting your leads sales ready. Nurturing can take time and multiple interactions.


It’s important to follow up on your leads and to keep track of the activity and interactions each lead generates. Active Campaign combines the email marketing and CRM capabilities you need to complete your lead generation process.

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