Email marketing services

with Active Campaign and Falia

Email marketing is one of the most important part of an effective online marketing strategy

Email marketing services with Active Campaign and Falia

Nurture your leads with personalized email based upon their individual behavior and interests. Falia uses one of the best marketing systems on the market to manage email marketing: Active Campaign.

Email campaigns triggered by your contact’s unique activity and see what happens after clickthrough.

Email that’s integrated with website analytics and contact management. Designed to allow powerful personalisation and targeting.

Full activity tracking

When a contact clicks through from your email campaign, see which pages they visit and when they return to your website.

Create multi-step schedules

Deliver multi-step autoresponder campaigns over time to nurture and re-engage your leads. Trigger your campaigns with automations to respond to your contact’s behaviour such as completing a conversion form or visiting a certain web page.

Campaign reporting

See the stats for each email sent to identify which messages are driving engagement. See which campaigns each contact has received and how they responded.

Send campaigns to smart lists

Easily create one-off emails to send to your contact lists; use tags with your contacts to create smart lists that match your own unique segmentation criteria. Slice and dice your contact database however you like.

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